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We played a significant role in developing Kenya's new Forest Policy and Forests Legislation (Forests Act 2005).
Firstly, it conducted a series of workshops that enabled communities to make inputs into the drafting process. Once the Bill was published, FAN spearheaded the campaign to convince the members of Kenya's Parliament to pass it into law.

We have also assisted in the establishment and strengthening of associations of grass-roots forestry related organizations and trained a number of their members in participatory forest management.

Further, we have involved government officers in forms of training such as exchange visits to countries with experience in participatory forest management.

FAN has played a significant role in training District Environment Committees (DEC) on their roles and responsibilities as spelt out in the Environment Management and Coordination Act of 1999 (EMCA).

FAN meets twice a year with Community Forest Associations. This meeting helps the organisation to  decide on priorities for its work.