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Administration Department


The Finance and Administration Department provides administrative and logistical support to the other departments/programmes of FAN. The Department will be under the supervision of the Finance and Administration Officer. This department will have two branches: the Finance Office run by a Finance Officer and assisted by an Accountant; and  that of  Human Resource Development run by a Human Resource Officer who will develop staff policies.

The functions of the Finance and Administration Department are:

  • Manage and control the use of FAN's funds
  • Ensure that income from development partners and other well-wishers is collected promptly, banked and accounted for
  • Ensure timely processing of all financial reports
  • Ensure effective deployment and development of FAN's human resources
  • Undertake annual human resource reviews
  • Ensure the effective functioning of FAN's information and communication technologies
  • Ensure efficient management of organizational resources, including vehicles, office equipment and buildings
  • Ensure effective procurement through competitive tendering and efficient stores management
  • Ensure that all goods and services procured by FAN meet both quantity and quality specifications
  • Ensure that risk to FAN's human and other resources is minimized
  • To participate in relevant national and international finance and administration forum