N. A. C. O. F. A.
National Alliance for Community Forest Associations
I Conserve the Environment Do You?

Who We are

Nacofa is a community alliance registered under the societies Act in 2005 to act as a focal point for all Community Forest associations (CFAs) in Kenya


To Collectively Support CFAs in addressing sustainable management and utilization of forest resources in Kenya

Our Mission

Advocating for and supporting the rights of communities to actively participate in Natural Resource Management and equitable sharing of accruing benefits.


To facilitate activities of the members by generating and disseminating relevant information for sustainable management of forest resources and poverty alleviation

The NACOFA Steering Committee

What We Do

  • Linking member associations, the government and other stake holders
  • Advocating for community recognition as primary stake holders and beneficiaries in natural resurce management
  • Supporting and facilitating member associations in developing management plans and agreements with the authorities
  • Building the capacity of member associations on policy and legislation matters in Natural Resources Management.
  • Lobbying for sustainable management and use of natural resources by all stake holders.
  • Facilitating effective networking and collaboration among organizations.
  • supporting Community based Monitoring and evaluation of natural resources and dissemination of information among stake holders.


Primary: Registered CFAs
Association: CFAs at Formative stage but not yet registered. These will have no voting rights but will enjoy all privileges of membership.
Affiliate: Individuals and organizations, interested and involved in Natural Resource Management and Utilization.
(Upon Payment of agreed regstration fee and annual subscription)
Our Contacts

The Executive Officer,
National Alliance For community Forest Association;
P.O Box 12115-20100,
Nakuru Kenya.

Tel: +254-20-3573119
Email: nacofak@yahoo.com

NACOFA Members at a recent Meeting In Nakuru.